Before the session


How do I make a reservation?


Complete the form to book the session. I will send you an email confirming the date and time of the session. If you have questions or want to discuss any details, please call me on 622 554599, It's easier and faster. I speak English, German and Spanish. You can communicate in any of these languages.

What is included?

To avoid misunderstandings, carefully read the description of the session, where everything that is and is not included is detailed. You will receive the number of images included in your package. If you want to order more, you can do so for an additional price. Raw images will not be delivered.


How does the whole process work?


  1. Fill in the form to reserve the session.

  2. I will send you an email confirming the date and time.

  3. €50 are to be paid to secure the reservation and the rest on the day of the session by bank transfer or cash.

  4. If the session is outdoors, once we meet, we can decide where we are going to start taking the photos. If it is at your house, when I arrive, I will check the possible areas where we can take the photos and prepare my equipment. Good natural light is very important.

  5. I will upload 80-100 photos to my website and send you the link to choose the number of photos included in your session. I always edit a photo or two for reference. The edited photos are my final work. No unedited photos are delivered.

  6. Once you've chosen the images you like, you can email me the photo numbers. In case you want printed products, I will need to know in advance what photos you want to use on them.

  7. I'll start working on your chosen photos and once edited,  I will send you a link so that you can download your photos in high resolution and without a watermark to your computer. 

  8. Printed products will be delivered 2 weeks after you have approved the order.  


How long does a session last?


Newborn sessions last two hours. Family, maternity, and children sessions last one hour. If more than one family is included, add half an hour more. But don't worry, if necessary, I will stay longer to give you a fun and relaxed experience.


What do I do if I can't make it to the session?


Please, try to notify me at least 48 hours in advance if you have any problem arriving at the session at the time and date reserved. We can always change the reservation if it is really necessary.




What do I need to prepare for a session at my home?


We need an area with large windows and lots of light inside the house. Clear the area where the photos will be taken either outside or inside the house. Also consider the available space according to the number of people that will appear in the photos.  


Can I contribute my own ideas or request something that I have seen in another photo?


I always try to fulfill the wishes of the client. I recommend you to take a look at my gallery, blog, Facebook or Instagram to get an idea of my style.  


I want everyone to look good in the photos. How do I achieve this?


I try to capture the best in each person, but I also need your help. Please check your hair, makeup and nails before the session. Dress in plain colors, without large prints. If you don't know what to wear, take a look at my gallery, blog, Facebook or Instagram or search Pinterest for ideas. For group photos, match the colors of the clothes. If young children are in the photos, don't try to force them to pose. I do my best and have a lot of patience with children and parents alike, but a lot depends on the mood of the children. Just relax and enjoy the session.  


I don't know how to pose or how to make my son pose?


Don't worry, I'll lead the session. While posing with your children, look at the camera, I will take care of the children. If your kids don't want to smile when they pose alone, don't be shy and dance, make funny faces, sing, whatever it takes to get a cute smile.


How do I keep my child happy and calm?


  • Young children generally don't follow directions, so don't try to force them and don't get nervous if they don't cooperate. I always try to follow their wishes to get candid photos.

  • You may not get the exact photo you had in mind, but you will get a happy face. If you pose with your child, look at the camera, I will take care of the child.

  • Don't tidy the child all the time if you're looking for natural photos.

  • Bring treats, but nothing that might get their faces or clothes dirty. Ideally, something that goes straight to the mouth and is small, like raisins. 

  • Sometimes, there is not enough time to get to know your child, and even more so if the child is shy. I'll need a little of your help to make him/her smile. Jump behind me, sing to him/her, make funny faces ... whatever works best.

  • I am very patient with children, so don't worry about anything.  

Newborn and maternity sessions


When is the best time for a newborn session?

The best time to take newborn photos is in the first 14 days after life if you want me to pose him/her. For lifestyle photos, it doesn't matter. Please contact me to make an appointment as soon as possible. We will choose a date according to the estimated delivery date. Once the baby is born, you can send me a quick message and we will reschedule if necessary.

When is the best time for a maternity session?

The best time to do the photoshoot is between the 7th and 8th month. But it depends a lot on how big your belly is. Ideally, at a time when you can still move easily around and the belly has a nice form. Don't wait until the last month.


How do I prepare for a maternity session?


  • Dress in something that you feel comfortable in. Clothes that mark the belly look good (for example: long dresses or tight tops). If you feel comfortable in your clothes, it will be easier for you to pose. 

  • Prepare in advance any accessories, booties, ultrasound or toys that you want to appear in the photos.

  • Please see that your hair, makeup and nails are done. Dress in plain colors, without complicated designs or large prints.

  • Match the colors of the clothes among the people in the photo.

  • Mention any wishes you have on the booking form.


Sessions with pets


  • Choose a place where your pet is comfortable.

  • Practice the commands before the session.

  • If your pet is restless, pass it before the session so that it tires.

  • Prepare and clean your pet for the session.

  • Bring snacks and water.

  • Do not feed your pet before the session.


After the session

Can I get raw photos?


I do not deliver unedited photos. Images always need some degree of professional editing.


How long do I have to choose the photos?


Please try to send me your choice no later than two weeks after the session. The faster you choose your photos, the sooner you will receive the final work.  


Which is the method of payment?


€ 50 will be paid to make the reservation and the rest on the day of the session by bank transfer or cash. If you wish to request additional photos or products, they will be charged later after you have placed your order.


I ordered a lot of photos, can I get a discount?


Quantity discounts are already included in my prices. Keep in mind, that apart from the photo session, I have editing and administration work to do.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me.