frequently asked questions... and answers

Newborn sessions


When is the best time for a newborn session?


  • The best time to do newborn shootings is up to 14 days after birth. The earlier, the better but it also depends on the baby. Please contact me to make an appointment as soon as possible. We will choose a date according to the due date. Once the baby is born, you can send me a quick message and we will reschedule if necessary.​​​

How do I prepare for a newborn session?

  • Keep the room warm, the baby will be wearing only diapers most of the time.

  • Try to keep the baby awake before the session so he/she will be more tired during the shoot.

  • Feed and change the baby just before we start the session.

  • If the baby has a lot of dry skin (mostly on the face) please, try to put some cream on it before the session to save me editing time.

  • Keep the baby in clothes that are easy to remove (nothing that goes through the head).

  • It is easier to work in a quiet environment. If you have older kids try to keep them busy in another room. I know not everybody is keen on giving electronics to the kids but it does the work.  I have a little playground downstairs. Once we are done with the group photos, dad can go to play with the toddler and mum and I can work better with the baby.

  • Have wipes, diapers, pacifier any other stuff that might be needed ready.

  • According to my experience, it works best in most cases, when I deal with the baby alone. If I need help, I usually ask the father or grandparents. When mom gets close to the baby, they can smell her and it usually ends in tears because they want to go with her. Remember, I can edit everything but crying eyes.


Do you bring your props for newborn sessions at the customer's home? 

  • Yes, I bring the posing pillow, blankets, wraps, hats, headbands if it's a girl, letters, baskets, etc. If you've seen a specific prop in my photos or in the props page and you want me to bring it along, please let me know in advance.​

Maternity sessions


When is the best time for a maternity session?


  •  The best time to do the photo session is between 7 and 8 months.

How do I prepare for a maternity session?


  • Dress something you feel comfortable in. Clothes that mark the belly look good (e.g.: long dresses or tight tops). If to feel at ease in your clothes it will be easier for you to pose. I have some elegant long dresses that you may wear.

  • Prepare in advance any accessories, booties, scan or toys that might appear in the pictures.

  • Please check your hair, makeup, and nails. Dress in plain colors, no patterns or big prints.

  • If more than one person appears in the photo, combine the colors of the clothes.

  • Please mention any wishes you may have on the booking form.


Birthday sessions


  • If you do a cake smash, don't bring a chocolate cake. It won't look good once it's smashed. 

  • Bring a change of clothes for your kid and a small towel to clean him/her.

  • Please, send me a picture of the kid's outfit and any accessories that you may bring so I can decorate accordingly.

  • Let the child try the cake in advance to see if he/she like it. Otherwise, he might not want to smash it or try it during the session.

  • Don't overdo it with the decoration. Balloons, pompons, and banners are ok but not too much. The kid will get distracted and probably chew on everything.



Do I need to bring anything for the session?

  • I do have a lot of props for the newborn session (see props). You can bring any accessories, hats, blankets or toys that you want to appear in the pictures (grandma's hand-knitted blanket, the stuffed toy you've got from auntie, etc). If the parents have special interests, hobbies or occupations, it would be good to know them in advance. I make a lot of my props myself and I can prepare certain props specifically for the session depending on the time and effort. Or I can suggest objects you could bring with you. (e.g.: something showing the country or city of the child, sports equipment, uniforms, etc.)  


What do I need to get ready for a session in my home? 

  • We need an area with big windows and a lot of light (no direct sun). Clear the area where the photos will be taken. Let me know in advance if it is difficult to park in your area. 


Can I bring my own ideas or ask for something I've seen on Pinterest?

  • I always try to fulfill the customer's wishes but please take a look at my portfolio, blog, Facebook or Instagram to get an idea of my style. 


I want everyone to look great in the pictures. How do I achieve this?

  • I try to get the best of each person posing in the pictures but I also need a bit of your help. Please check your hair, makeup, and nails before the session. Dress in plain colors, no patterns or big prints. If you don't know what to dress, you can take a look at my portfolio, blog, Facebook or Instagram or get inspired on Pinterest. For group photos, combine the clothes. If a toddler is in the photo, we need to do as he pleases. I do my best and have a lot of patience with kids and parents alike but a lot depends on the kids' mood, how they sleep, how jealous they are of the newborn, etc. Just relax and go with the flow. The session supposes to be fun for everybody. I can edit hair sticking out or dirty spots but not tears so let's keep the kids happy.


I don't know how to pose or how to make my kid pose?

  • Don't worry, I will lead the session. While posing with your kids, look at the camera, I will take care of the kids. Mini sessions are short and I don't have much time to get to know your kid. You know them well and it is easier for you to get them to smile so don't be shy, dance, make clownish faces, sing, whatever it takes to get the cute smile.



How do I keep my toddler happy and quiet?


  • Toddlers don't usually follow directions so don't try to force them and don't get nervous if they don't cooperate. I always try to follow their wishes and make the best out of the session.

  • You might not get the exact photo you had in mind but you will get a happy face. 

  • Don't tidy up the child all the time. Natural photos work better at this age and we might be missing them because you are combing his/her hair.

  • Bring treats to get them to collaborate but nothing that would make their face, clothes or floor dirty. The best is something that goes straight in the mouth and is small, like raisins. 

  • Sometimes, there is not enough time for me and the kid to get well acquainted, more if the child is shy. I would need a bit of your help to make him/her smile. Jump behind me, sing to him/her, make funny faces... whatever works.

  • Please send me a picture in advance of the clothes the child will be wearing so I can prepare the setting according to it. If it's a birthday session and you are using balloons, it will be helpful to know the colors of the balloons.

  • I'm very patient with kids so relax and enjoy the experience. I can deal with them.

Before the session


How do I book?

  • Fill out the booking form to book the session. I'll send you an email confirming the date and time. If you have questions or want to discuss the details of the session, please give me a call to 0172 260 2160. It is easier and faster. I speak English, German and Spanish and I understand French. Feel free to communicate in any of these languages during the session.


What is included in the package?

  • To avoid misunderstandings, please go to: "packages" for specific details regarding what is included and what can be booked at an additional price. You will receive the number of images included in your package. If you want to order more, you can do it for an additional price. No unedited images will be handed out.


How does the whole process work?​

  1. Fill out the booking form to book the session.

  2. I'll send you an email confirming the date and time.

  3. If the session is outdoors, once we meet, we can decide on the spot where we are going to start taking the pictures. If it's at your home, when I arrive, I'll check the possible areas where we can take the photos and set up my equipment. Good natural light is very important.

  4. During or after the session you have the chance to take a look at the printed products' samples in case you are interested in making a purchase.

  5. I'll upload about 60 photos (40 for birthday & minis) to my website and send you the link. I always edit one or two photos as a reference. The edited images are my final work. No unedited images will be handed out.

  6. Once you've chosen the photos you like, you'll send me the numbers of the photos by email and let me know if you want any also in black and white. In case that you want printed products, I will need to know in advance which photos do you want on them.

  7. I'll send you the invoice and start working on your chosen photos.

  8. Once the invoice is paid, I'll send you the link to the edited photos for you to download them on your computer. I don't use memory sticks or cd for environmental issues.

  9. If you ordered printed products, allow 1-2 weeks for them to arrive. Once I've received them, I'll post them to you. The products will be sent to print once the invoice is paid.

​​ ​​​

How long is a session?

  • Newborn sessions are 2-3 hours. The session alone is 1-2 hours but I always leave a margin of one extra hour for breastfeeding, nappy changing, etc. Family and maternity sessions are one hour and birthday and mini sessions are 40 minutes. Allow a bit of extra time for Cake Smash. I always stretch it a bit when needed so don't stress because of time during the session. 


​What do I do if I can't make it to the session?

  • Please, try to let me know at least 48 hours in advance. We can always reschedule if it is really necessary.


After the session


Can I get unedited photos?

  • Unedited photos are not my final product, therefore I don't give them away. Choose your favorite photos from the available selection and I'll edit them professionally according to my style.


How long do I have to choose the photos?

  • I don't have a time limit but it would be nice if you could choose within 2 weeks after you've got the photos to choose from.


What is the payment method?

  • I'll send you an invoice once you've chosen the pictures and products you wish to have. 


I ordered a lot of pictures, can I get a discount?

  • In my prices, quantity discounts are already included. Keep in mind that apart from the photoshoot, I have editing and administration work to do.